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Artwork Requirements

Thank you for choosing Gala Equine to give your goodies an extra special touch!

Gala Equine proudly customises a huge range of our products, all we ask is that you provide us with the correct file format of your logo required to provide a quality finish.

Our preferred file type is a vector file type. Vector file types ensure no break-down of your images through our machines, and they can be formatted as .pdf, .svg or .ai. Vector files are usually provided by a graphic designer and are the highest quality you can get digitally.

We will also accept .jpg and .png file types at 300dpi.

If your artwork does not meet the minimum requirements, it may be disapproved. We will either contact you for a suitable replacement, or (if possible) offer our own reworking and digitising - but this carries additional fees which are quoted individually on each job. In some cases, we may need to cancel your order if you cannot provide a workable logo.


✓  300dpi resolution
✓  .png, .pdf, .jpg, .svg .ai filetypes
  Black & white or full colour
✓  Original files


✗  Screenshots
✗  Photos
✗  Less than 300dpi
✗  Blurry, over-processed
✗  Heavily pixelated

Examples of approved artworks:

If you are unsure if your artwork is suitable, or would like to contact us about reworking your logos to become suitable, please send us an email with the details to

Love Gala xoxo