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Fantasmic Grooming Brush
Fantasmic Grooming Brush Sale price$4.95
Sold outMaddox Tail Brush - Black
Maddox Tail Brush - Black Sale price$12.00
Hair Removal Massage Cube - Pink
Slick N Easy Grooming Block
Mane & Tail Brush
Mane & Tail Brush Sale price$2.95
Small Body Brush - Assorted ColoursSmall Body Brush - Assorted Colours
Maddox Face Brush - Brown
HZ Maddox Body Brush Brown
Maddox Dandy Brush - Brown
HZ Natural Body Brush (Large)
Maddox Hoof Pick - Brown
Maddox Hoof Pick - Brown Sale price$11.00
Maddox Dandy Brush - Navy
Maddox Dandy Brush - Navy Sale price$11.00
Maddox Dandy Brush - Black
HZ Maddox Body Brush Black
Gel Grip Mane & Tail Brush Blue and pink
Maddox Tail Brush - Navy
Maddox Tail Brush - Navy Sale price$12.90
Sold outMaddox Tail Brush - Brown
Maddox Tail Brush - Brown Sale price$13.00
Maddox Sweat Scrapper - Black
Sold outMaddox Hoof Pick - Black
Maddox Hoof Pick - Black Sale price$11.00
Maddox Body Brush - Navy
Maddox Body Brush - Navy Sale price$12.50
HZ Natural Dust BrushHZ Natural Dust Brush
HZ Natural Dust Brush Sale price$16.00
Coat/Hair Shredding Brush - Markers combCoat/Hair Shredding Brush - Markers comb
Maddox Face Brush - Black
Wonder Brush with Rainbow CrystalsWonder Brush with Rainbow Crystals
Tangle Wrangler Comb mane & tail brush
Soft-Grip Deluxe Hoof Pick w/Brush - Pink
Mane & Tail Brush - Rainbow CrystalMane & Tail Brush - Rainbow Crystal
Maddox Sweat Scrapper - Navy
Maddox Sweat Scrapper - Brown
Maddox Hoof Pick - Navy
Maddox Hoof Pick - Navy Sale price$11.00
HZ Hoof Pick Black
HZ Hoof Pick Black Sale price$2.70
Hoof Oil Brush with Cap BLACK