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About Us

Gala Equine is a proud family owned business on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.
Aleisha Goodall has loved horses her whole life, and proudly got her first horse, Jessy, at the age of 15. In need of rugs, Aleisha's give-anything-a-go attitude and creativity meant that she was making her very own rugs for Jessy out of her mum's old tablecloths and spare fabrics. 
Throughout the years of studying, working, and starting a family, Aleisha's love of horses stayed with her and she had many memorable horses and ponies by her side, that she was still making rugs for
(although out of much more suitable fabrics now!) 
Working a typical 9-5 job during the day, Aleisha would come home and after putting her kids to bed, sew the night away with orders for friends and their friends who had heard about her amazing handmade rugs. 
 It wasn't long before Aleisha outgrew her little corner in her shed, and she began to work with suppliers overseas to fulfil orders. Moving out of her shed and into a large commercial space, Aleisha proved she was ready to take on the horse rug industry in Australia. Her first hand knowledge and experience proved invaluable to her clients, and she hired a team of likeminded horse lovers as she grew.
To this day, Gala Equine rugs are based off her own patterns that she has rigorously tested and perfected throughout the years. From every day orders for people with one or two horses, to bulk orders for trainers and teams, to clubs and organisations, Gala Equine has grown into a full-service equestrian brand known for its large range of equestrian products. From tack to accessories, training gear and rider apparel - Gala Equine is one of the premier shopping destinations for equestrians and their horses. 
Aleisha's love of horses was passed on to her four young boys, who have competed all across the East Coast of Australia with their horses.