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Article: Rugging your horse in Spring

Horse wearing a flag rug

Rugging your horse in Spring

In Australia, Spring can mean longer days, lush green pastures, and those dreaded bitey bugs! As the temperature rises and we head into Summer, so do the challenges of keeping your horse comfortable and protected from the elements. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various types of Spring horse rugs available and the numerous benefits they offer, helping you make informed choices to keep your horse cool, protected, and content throughout Spring and as we head towards Summer.



Spring in Australia is a season of change and unpredictability. While the Winter chill starts to disappear, it also introduces a mix of rain, sun, and rapidly fluctuating temperatures. Spring horse rugs play a pivotal role in ensuring your horse's comfort and protection for several reasons:

  • Temperature Regulation:

Horse rugs provide the necessary warmth during cooler periods and allow for breathability and cooling as the day warms up.

  • Protection from Rain and Dampness:

The change of season often brings unpredictable showers and damp conditions. Rugs offer protection from the rain, preventing your horse from getting soaked and potentially developing health issues like rain scald or a chill.

  • Insect Control:

With the return of warmer weather, insects become a nuisance for horses. Rugs with tightyy woven fabric and maximum coverage keep flies, mosquitoes, and other pests at bay, reducing stress and the risk of insect-borne diseases.

  • Coat Management:

Spring can be a challenging time for coat management, with horses shedding their winter coats unevenly. Rugs can help regulate shedding,  as well as prevent sun bleaching, ensuring your horse's coat remains healthy and presentable.

  • Reduced Grooming Time:

Rugging your horse can reduce the amount of time spent grooming. By keeping your horse covered, you minimize the need for daily brushing or worrying about stains!

Ripstop Rugs

Ripstop rugs are an excellent choice for providing the necessary warmth during cooler periods such as early morning or overnight, whilst allowing for breathability as the day warms up.

Made from a poly-cotton blend, Gala Equine Ripstops come in varying fabric weights to cater best to your climate and individual horses needs. Ranging from 220gsm to 340gsm, lighter weight ripstops are cooler, but might not last as long with rug wreckers. Whereas  heavier ripstops are more durable, they are also warmer with their more densely woven fibres.

Horse rearing wearing a ripstop rug


Comprised of a lightweight, breezy fabric, Flag horse rugs are the ideal rug to use in warmer weather.

Gala Equine Flags are made of 200gsm core-spun cotton-polyester blend, making them perfect blend of protection against insects and the sun, whilst still being light enough for use on warmer days.

Flag rugs also offer ideal protection against sun bleaching, due to their overall coverage. Our hood combos come with flag ears included (although they can be added to any of our rugs)

Horse wearing a flag rug


As months continue to get warmer, many owners prefer to use mesh rugs as they offer a nice balance between sun & insect protection, and keeping your horse cool.

Here at Gala Equine, we offer Traditional Mesh, which is comprised of 140gsm - 410gsm rugs, as well as Summer Mesh, which is our own exclusive, unique design known for its larger-than-average holes. Whilst this makes it incredibly cool, it is not as strong as our heavier weave meshes.

Horse wearing a flag rug


Oftentimes at this time of year, it is a little chilly at night or when rain passes through, and so we recommend layering with a canvas rug as needed. Canvas horse rugs are made from a majority natural fibre composition, providing superior breathability over synthetic rugs.

It is less likely that your horse can overheat when wearing natural fibres, but please be mindful that on a hot day, the best rug is no rug at all.

Horse wearing a canvas rug

Choosing the right spring horse rug involves considering your horse's specific needs, the climate in your region, and your intended use. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

You know your horse best:

Take into account your horse's age, breed, and health. Older or clipped horses may require more warmth, whereas naturally hot or younger horses can do just fine with minimal rugging. Horses with itch or prone to other skin conditions may benefit from continual rugging.


Consider layering rugs for versatility. A lightweight flag rug during the day, can be paired with a canvas for added warmth at night.


Choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain. Regular cleaning and inspection will prolong the life of your spring horse rug and ensure it continues to provide the necessary protection for your horse


Rugging your horse in Spring is not a "one size fits all" option thanks to Australia's vast and varied climates, and even down to individual horses needs.  Always keep your horse's well-being in mind, and check as often as possible on their comfort when they’re rugged.

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